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Why and How to choose the right bedding?

Why and How to choose the right bedding?

Bedding refers to an assortment of bed sheets, blankets, pillows, and a few other products used to cover the mattress and create a more comfortable living environment. Parts of these assortments can be bought together, or individually as well. Adequate bedding is important to facilitate a good night’s sleep and you can expect considerably deeper relaxation combined with better sleep quality by making the right choice. It is also instrumental in protecting your mattress and promoting hygiene. 

While absolute comfort level is subjective, the standard measures to ensure the desired bedding are quality, material, fitting, etc. Here are things to look for and tips to make the best choice of bedding:


Picking the right material is paramount for improving the quality of sleep. Natural fiber like cotton tends to be more durable, breathable, soft, and easy to care for. Cotton bedsheets and cotton pillow covers help in wicking away perspiration and allow better air circulation which directly affects sleep. You can easily find pure cotton bedsheets with matching cotton pillow covers to also aid your preferred design aesthetics. 

For blankets, cotton and synthetic fabrics like microfiber make up the preferred choice. Cotton blankets are durable and hold well to multiple washes while being lightweight. They tend to work perfectly as a summer blanket/AC blanket and are enough for light winter warmth. Microfiber blankets too are warm and comfortable and allow more heat entrapment for those who like to snuggle with warmth.


The size of the bedding and the associated thread count attached to all the components are one of the most important things to put into consideration when choosing the best bedding option. There are multiple different types of sizes available for flat bedsheets and fitted bedsheet like Double bed sheets, single bed sheets, Queen size bed sheets, and king-size bed sheets. One should be sure of the size and type of bed and mattress in order to make the appropriate choice for the bed sheet. 

Thread count is defined as the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch. To simplify, generally, the sheet is considered to be softer with higher thread counts. However, it doesn’t mean that a lower thread count is not desirable. Based on the budget, one can choose between lower and higher thread count since higher thread count bedsheets (200tc bedsheets and above) tend to be priced higher. 

For blankets, it is given that one chooses between single and double size, depending on the bed size and preference. To measure the thickness of blankets, GSM becomes the standard measurement. It refers to the measurement of the thickness of the dohar/blanket and is proportional to how warm the blanket is.


To keep the decor of your room in line with your expectations, you will need to select designs and colors that suit your aesthetic preferences. Choosing the right printed bedsheet or colorful bedsheet will definitely elevate your room’s vibe and create a more lively space. You can pair the design with your blankets to complete the desired look.


Mattress protectors or mattress covers create a protective barrier between your mattress and the bedroom. It is a removable protective layer that protects your mattress from accidental spills and other degenerative contaminants like sweat, dirt, bacteria, bed bugs, etc. that reduce your mattress’s life span. It’s extremely important and useful for homes with younger children. 

Cotton is an ideal material for mattress protectors as it is both easy to clean and has breathable properties and also helps if you have seasonal allergies. Mattress protectors by nature are waterproof and extend your mattress’s durability significantly. 

Broadly, in order to ensure a good night’s sleep, it is important to keep your bedding selection driven by both comfort and convenience. If you are prone to allergies, using an anti-microbial fabric like cotton in your bedding selection can go a long way in ensuring maintained hygiene and comfort level. 


Urban Space offers a wide selection of bedding options including, pure cotton bedsheets with pillow covers, pure cotton blankets, and microfiber blankets to choose from. Our range of vibrant prints and functional designs as well as thread count options (160 TC bedsheets, 200 TC bedsheets, and 220 TC bedsheets) allows you to indulge in a well-deserved sleep mode.