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Care Tips for Dohar & Blankets

Care Tips for Dohar & Blankets

As we prepare for the upcoming cozy season, the essentials are finally coming out of boxes and finding their place on our beds. The season of dohar blankets, and comforters is here!

It’s safe to say, most of us dread the task of maintaining and cleaning our them throughout the season. But it doesn’t have to be a long-drawn task that keeps you occupied for the better half of a Sunday.

Dohar blankets are lightweight and thin that is perfect for light winters. Dohars are easily portable and are typically carried around the house. Such blankets are usually made of cotton or microfiber. 

Cotton Blanket is made up of three layers. The casing on the outside is made of 100%pure cotton fabrics. The filling is of a microfiber sheet which helps with insulation and trapping the heat The antimicrobial property of cotton also makes it safe for kids. These winter blankets are light in weight and can be easily stored. Since it is made with pure cotton, washing and maintaining it also becomes fairly simple.

Microfiber Blanket has a filling of a microfiber sheet which helps with insulation and trapping the heat. Such dohars are usually warmer when compared to pure cotton dohars. You will surely find an equally wide range of prints and colors in this category as well.

Store your blankets right:

There is no doubt that the care of blankets while in use is essential. How you store it before and after the season is equally important if not more as it determines the life span of the product. 

Moisture is the biggest foe of blankets. It gives away a musty smell and you might even find fungus on it. This can be very easily avoided. The first step is to get them dry cleaned thoroughly before packing them away for the next seasons. The subsequent step is to store them in a cotton bag. This ensures that the winter blankets aren’t in contact with moisture.

If you have enough vertical space, do store the blanket upright. Piling them up one over the other makes the prone to the wear and tear that comes with regular contact. Roll the blanket into a tight cylinder and place them in your store. This ensures minimal contact and makes it easier to access, instead of having to pull one out from a heavy pile of blankets.

Wash Care:

During the season, dohar blankets are regularly used. Simple care measures go a long way here. When the dohar is in use, here are some easy and effective ways to make sure the winter blanket is clean.

  1. Machine wash regularly: We know it sounds like a tedious task but trust us, washing dohar blankets is the easiest especially because they are machine washable. Put them in on a delicate cycle and a fabric softener if you wish. Air-dry them and they will be fresh as a daisy to use.
  2. Water-free cleaning: Washing the blanket might not be feasible with your routine and it is completely understandable. Weekly dusting and treating spills immediately can be of great help. 
  3. Handle them with care: We frequently forget to be careful when tucking them away after a restful night’s sleep in the morning hustle. You’d be surprised how much longer your blankets and dohars will last if you dusted them off, folded them, and laid them out on the bed instead of randomly stuffing them into the storage.

Lastly, invest in a dohar that fits your need and suits your style. Explore a range of printed cotton and microfiber dohar blanket for the upcoming winter season. Moving forward from the prints, look for features like lightweight, and machine washable. Invest in your winter dohar blankets wisely.
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