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3 Things To Remember While Buying A Carpet

3 Things To Remember While Buying A Carpet

Carpets and rugs are among the most popular part of home decor. Nothing compares to the soft, luxurious feel of a carpet under your feet while lounging. With the increasing popularity of floor seatings and open living spaces, carpets are becoming a crucial part of the decor. 

Carpets, rugs, bedside runners, and floor mats are common forms used to cover the floor.  Fundamentally, the only difference between carpets and rugs is the size. A carpet covers the room from one wall to another whereas a rug is compact and comparatively covers a smaller portion of the room. However, these days the terms are used interchangeably.

The addition of a carpet to any space in your home will invariably change the look. It creates harmony between the curtains and the furniture. Carpets tend to have a longer life span than other decor products hence it is important to make an informed decision while purchasing carpets online. 

Here are the 3 most important factors you should keep in mind when picking out your selection of carpets and rugs.


Carpets and rugs are made of many different materials ranging from wool and polyester to cotton and jute as well. The weight of the carpets depends on the material you choose. 

The material and the backing of the carpet together determine the weight of a carpet. The commonly found cotton dhurries or cotton carpets are light in weight whereas the fluffy, tufted wool or machine-made carpets are heavier due to the addition of rubber backing.

Why does the weight of the carpet or rug matter?

The weight of the carpet matters because it determines how sturdy the placement is going to be. Heavier carpets are harder to shift and transport in general. Lightweight carpets make the usual cleaning of the household easier.

Rubber Backing in a Carpet


The size of the carpet can very easily make or break the look of the space. It is paramount to measure the room accurately. Here’s a guide for the most common dimensions used in the entryway, living room, bedroom, and kitchen.

Simple size guide for carpets and rugs

For ease of movement, it is pertinent to maintain enough space between the rug and the furniture placed around it.


Each carpet comes with its own set of cleaning and maintenance instructions. Every material needs a special kind of treatment. 

If the carpet is going to be a regular part of your decor, go for something that is lightweight and easy to maintain. Cotton carpets can be a great choice. Cotton carpets can be washed in the machine as a part of the regular cleaning process. Spot cleaning in cases of a spill is also easier and similar to how you would clean a stain on a cotton fabric. 

Cotton Carpet

Digital carpets are essentially made by a machine using study yet soft nylon threads. These carpets can be cleaned with a suitable brush to remove dust and smaller particles. These are not machine washable but can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. In case of a major spill or stain, dry cleaning is the best way out.

Once you weigh in on these three factors, you can go ahead and choose your favorite designs in the size you prefer. Choose from vibrant designs that will complement your decor. 

Carpets are definitely a great investment in home decor and floor protection. Urban Space offers a wide range of unique, fade-resistant options for you to choose from. Click on the link below to explore our range of carpets, rugs, floor mats, and bedside runners.