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Following a disciplined routine everyday is not as easy as it sounds. But if you do it religiously, it not only makes your day productive but also uplifts your mood. For example, starting your day with doing something as small as making your bed, can work wonders in relaxing and calming all your senses. The sight of beautiful bed sheets tucked neatly, the pillows arranged precisely and the comforters sitting crease-free on the bed, can have an immediate effect of tranquility on your mind. And when you kick start the day with a fresh drive of motivation, you are sure to experience a sense of achievement by the end of the day.

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Curtains can be the perfect game-changer for your home decor. When given a nice thought before making a purchase, they can be the charming stand-outs among the décor of your living room or bedroom that never fail to land you compliments galore. But a small mistake can also make them stick out like a sore thumb. However, the good news is, choosing the right kind of curtain based on functionality and matching decor is not a big ordeal if you are mindful of certain points.

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Wondering exactly where you can create your personal snuggly place which could be your space to spend some quality alone time everyday? This can be anywhere in your studio apartment or a small house wherein you reside. It can be in a living room, balcony, or bedroom.

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Curtains turn a room into a cosy hideout. Essentially used for blocking sunlight, curtains have now become a significant and versatile piece of home decor that enhances the look of your interiors. It creates a long-lasting impression and one should not go wrong about choosing their curtains. So, while selecting curtains, one must be clear about the place and purpose of using them.

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Doesn’t the advent of summer make us nostalgic? Season of mangoes and citrus fruits, ice popsicles, impromptu long drives and the feel of the cool breeze make us yearn for the summer of our carefree childhood- the times when we would hit the sack after a long day of masti and drift to sleep without worrying about the world.  Alas, times have changed and the ever rising temperatures have only made the experience of summer difficult for us. And more so, when it comes to a comfortable sleep. Now that the summer sun is getting harsher, it is time to...

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