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Welcome To The World of Customization at Urban Space!

We believe in offering you curtains and drapes that fit perfectly and look stunning. That's why we go the extra mile to provide customization options for your curtains, ensuring you get the perfect fit for your space.

Here's what you need to know about our customization options:

  • Which products can be customized: Curtains (Explore)
  • What can be customized: Hanging pattern, and height/length of curtain. We do not provide lining to the curtains.
  • Return / Exchange - Not allowed for customized orders
  • Payment mode : Have to be prepaid only. COD is not allowed for Customised Orders.
  • Delivery Time : Customization takes 4 to 5 days minimum and then transit time of 3-5 days. So overall 8 to 10 working days

Understanding customizations:

Length Customization:

Standard heights/ lengths listed are 5ft ,7ft and 8ft. Any size apart from that will be considered as custom sizes If you require any in-between size, add that size to cart and for the sizes not mentioned, please contact WhatsApp chat support here.

(Pro tip to calculate height - Measure rod to floor / point till you want curtains to hang, add 2"/5cm to it, as curtains go that much above the rod)

Width Customization:

How to calculate no of panels required:

Single panel of our any curtain covers 2 ft space nicely with pleats / gathering. So lets say your French window is 8ft wide. So basically, you need 4 panels to cover it properly. You can decide to use 4 panels separately (recommended for easy installation / uninstallation / maintenance) or you can decide to get 2 panels made out of these 4 panels. We will stitch 2 panels together. ( we do not guarantee that motifs/geometry will be exactly aligned in the panels stitched together)

Hanging patterns available:

1st option is track channel. 2nd is back loop, 3rd is eyelets ( standard for all our curtains), 4th is rod pocket , 5th and 6th are variations of track channel only. They differ only in terms of the hanging hooks/clips you have or plan to use. 

(Note : Except for eyelet style, in no other style, clips/hooks/sliders for hanging are provided by us)


How to order customised curtains:

Please select the available size options from the product page example - custom 5.5ft x 4ft, custom 6.5ft x 4ft and so on and if the required size is not available, please follow below steps- 

Step 1: Add the relevant size and quantity of panels to the cart. And you need curtains for which the sizes are not mentioned in the list, please contact us via whatsapp support.

Step 2 : Go to 'MY CART' section. You will find 'Special Comment' Box there

Step 3: Enter required customization details -hanging pattern and length.

Step 4: Proceed to checkout and make the customization payment as mentioned (only in case where the customisation sizes are not listed)

Step 5: Reach out to us via WhatsApp support and our representative will guide you further.

Note: We add 3% extra length for cotton curtains to account for post wash shrinkage. Do not calculate this at your end. 

 Experience the perfect fit and style with our customized curtains at URBAN SPACE. Shop now!

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