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Common Mistakes While Selecting Curtain Measurements

Common Mistakes While Selecting Curtain Measurements

Curtains can be the perfect game-changer for your home decor. When given a nice thought before making a purchase, they can be the charming stand-outs among the décor of your living room or bedroom that never fail to land you compliments galore. But a small mistake can also make them stick out like a sore thumb. However, the good news is, choosing the right kind of curtain based on functionality and matching decor is not a big ordeal if you are mindful of certain points.

One of the most important factors to consider while purchasing curtains is the right measurement. It has been frequently noticed that the main cause of awkwardly hanging curtains is the mistake in the measurements made. Now, it is very simple to measure the length and width of the windows and doors, and convert these figures into dimensions of the product ordered. But your beautifully decorated room deserves a little more effort than this. Let’s have a closer look at the blunders and mistakes to avoid while making the measurements!

Not considering ‘where’ the rod is hanging

It is always recommended to firstly measure up the curtain rod. If you are yet to install a rod before buying the curtain, make sure to leave an inch or two on both sides of the width of your window or door. In case there is a frame on the window, measure the outer frame and then leave a margin of two to four inches on both sides. Never mount the rod too low or too high as they make curtains look very awkward. It is advisable to leave a bracket size of three to four inches between the top edge of the window and the pole for a perfect look. Mounting the rod a little higher gives an impression of higher ceilings and better space. Half of the task of taking proper curtain measurements is done once the rod is appropriately installed. Simply decide the number of curtain panels that you would require depending on the width of the rod. Ideally, a pole width of more than 32 inches will call for more than one panel. Similarly, panels can be added as the pole width increases. 

Curtains too short

Another mistake that could ruin the look of your decor is the sight of too short curtains. Missing out on appropriate measurement even by a couple of inches can ruin the look of the otherwise luxurious-looking room. According to the décor of the room, you can decide on what kind of length would be perfect for your windows and doors. We at Urban Space, offer three standard sizes for curtains- window, door, and long door. For a classic window look, you can choose the ‘window’ that comes in the dimensions of 60” X 60”. The idea is to end the length of the curtain a couple of inches below the sill. If the contemporary and crisp look is what you want for your room, you should try the ‘door’ that comes in the dimensions of 60” X 84”. The curtains here should end just about touching the floor. For a super elegant and luxurious look go for the ‘long door’ that creates a beautiful little puddle on the floor, choosing the dimensions 60” X 108”. Consider the rough three inches of the length on the top of the eyelets before deciding the measurements.

Curtains not wide enough

Apart from giving the room an elegant look, curtains are intended to control the lighting of the room. Creating one simple blunder could lead to both these purposes not being fulfilled. Depending on the width of the pole, it is important to ascertain the number of panels required for the window. A narrow panel for a wider pole and window would make the curtains look flat and you might end up messing up with the entire feel of the room. For fuller-looking drapes always zero in on 1-1.5 times the width of the window for the curtains. This way the curtains would give a fuller look when closed and also abstain the light from leaking out from the sides. Additionally, when opened, the perfect width would ensure that the window glasses aren’t obstructed to let the natural light in.


We at Urban Space, understand your dilemma while selecting perfect curtain panels for your room, and hence the quality of the fabrics used is always premium. More importantly, the width of each panel is 20% more than those available in the market. Moreover, the length of our curtains may be 1-3 inches more than that mentioned in the product description to compensate for the shrinkage post washing. We are available to help if you need customized dimensions of curtains. Happy draping, happy shopping!

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