Bedroom Makeover – Decor your Home

Bedroom Makeover – Decor your Home

Indian summers can be a bit harsh in most parts of the country. So while thinking of redecorating the bedroom keep in mind soft color hues for walls, cotton fabrics for bedding and lots of greens for the room. 

  • Vastu Directions – For the all the people who believe in Vastu.
  • Bed placement – The bed in the room should be placed such that head rests in the east or the south direction.
  • Mirror – Avoid placing the mirror right in front of the bed as reflection of sleeping body in the mirror is  considered inauspicious. 
  • Clean Clutter free room – A clean clutter less room is anyways more attractive and looks bigger. 


Wall Colors – If you decide to re-paint your walls stick to lighter and softer hues. You can go for one accent wall representing your personality or ideology. Remaining walls should maintain one lighter color tone. Light colors add more volume and natural light to the room.

Greens – Add Bedroom plants to the room. Plants definitely accentuate the decor and make the environment soothing. And do not forget bedroom plants are good for oxygenating the room better. 

Bedding – Invest in good bed sheet as your bed is the place where you spend your maximum time after being home. Prefer Good cotton bedding for the Indian Summers as cotton absorbs moisture and sweat and keeps the body temperature cool. You can check out urban space cotton bedsheet collection where you can get premium Sheets at affordable prices. You can also use a mix of throw pillows to give the bed a premium look. 

Clutter free Room – To give a premium look to any space it is necessary to have defined and clear lines across the space . It means avoid electronics, clothes, eatables and toys roaming throughout the room. Utilize the storage spaces in the room and assign cabinets to different things making it easy for finding them back. The more things are inside the cabinets the better room looks and feels. 

Hope this helps you to recreate your space into a beautiful room.