Choosing Your Cozy Corner: A Home Decor Essential

“Home” is a feeling. As everyday life takes a toll on us, we need a cozy corner in our home that eases our stress and gives us a feeling of being home. While you are deciding on all your home decor essentials, selecting one or more cozy corners in your house is a must. To make this beautiful personal space, the bare minimum requirements include a small piece of furniture, a good bedsheet, a comfortable dohar, a few cushions, and some quirky stuff that has an emotional value for you. Voila, your perfect, cost-effective, and minimal cozy corner is ready!

Here are a few essential tips on choosing your perfect cozy corner and making it more aesthetically pleasing for maximum comfort and a homely feeling.

Creating your cozy space

After a hustling and strenuous day, one requires a sip of their favorite drink and a warm and welcoming corner of the house with utmost peace. So how to make one?

Select a place: If you have a spacious house and can dedicate a room to yourself, that would be perfect! But sometimes, we want a small, snuggly corner in a room. For that, select a place that does not have much communal accessibility. The primary purpose is to be with yourself in this corner, so the fewer the distractions better it would be.

Let it be a minimal and favorite spot: Make sure that this place has all your favorite things around; it could be headphones, a book, an iPad, a cup of coffee, plants, photos, or anything that you would like to see and makes you feel happy and calm. These things must be well-organized so that your cozy space is free of unwanted clutter. You can coordinate this personal space with blackout or sheer curtains of your choice that would help lift your mood.

Spend dedicated quality time regularly: This place should be consistently used to spend time with yourself that will help you improve your mental and emotional health. Put your whole heart into the making and designing of this space, and you will find the results genuinely overwhelming!

Selecting your snuggling corner

Wondering exactly where you can create your personal snuggly place, which could be your space to spend some quality alone time every day? This can be anywhere in your studio apartment or a small house wherein you reside. It can be in a living room, balcony, or bedroom. You can visit the Urban Space website to find multiple home decor options to help you create this space as per your choice and taste! Here are some tips based on your choice of room.

In the living area: This is the easiest one to set up! You can choose a corner near the window, add cotton printed or sheer curtains with the warm sun kissing you and a little tabletop beside you. The corner is ready for you to read while sipping coffee or just gazing out of the window at the beautiful weather. A wide range of curtains for balcony options are available at in to select from- floral, plain, quirky, and minimal, all under one roof!

In the balcony/ terrace balcony: If open and airy space is your choice, then place a comforter with various cushions and scented candles in your balcony or terrace balcony, and you will be all set for a calming evening with the sunset view! To deck up your corner with your personalized decor essentials, have a look at the multiple varieties on our website.

In the bedroom: After a long day, being with our thoughts feels relaxing and blissful. Generally, the corners of the bedroom are comfortable yet unattended. You can utilize this place by simply putting a diwan or bean bag and pair it with dual-colored curtains yellow and grey, for your perfect cozy corner! This is bound to give a minimal yet classy look.

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An extra blanket: This isn’t a must-have, but it certainly adds to the coziness of the area. For the winter, choose something warm and fluffy and something light and perhaps made of cotton for the summer.

A spot to rest your feet: If your sitting selection doesn’t offer a place to put your feet up (such as a couch or a chaise), invest in a pouffe or ottoman. This isn’t the moment to sit with excellent posture. Put your feet up and let your hair down.

Styling your cozy corner

Something Green: Corners are fantastic because they act as art pieces in any room. Plants in the corner of your room, playing around with table heights, and therefore utilizing the verticality of the corner are all great ways to decorate your space. Plants add a sense of freshness to a room while also helping to fill space.

Game Point: If you enjoy chess, that overlooked area is ideal for storing your chessboard. In the corner, set up an antique table with a couple of comfortable chairs. On the table, display your wooden or stone chessboard. A few soothing wall paintings and a modest pendant lamp suspended from the ceiling complete the look. A snug carrom arrangement (if that’s your thing) is another game choice.

Make Your Own Reading Nook: Another great option provided by corners is to create a space within a larger room. When you have a large living room, you may construct a reading nook with a small coffee table, a bookcase, and a lounge chair with an ottoman, which can also be utilized as regular sitting when not used as a personal place.

At Urban Space, we are dedicated to helping you make the right choice for your decor. Create your own comfortable and cozy indoor spaces with us. Visit our website to shop for all the necessary products now!