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A healthy routine for your home (and you)

A healthy routine for your home (and you)

Not only can following a disciplined routine the entire day convert it into a productive one but it can also uplift your mood several notches higher. For example, starting your day with doing something as small as making your bed, can do wonders to your senses. The sight of beautiful Cotton bedsheets tucked neatly, the pillows arranged precisely and the comforters sitting crease-free on the bed, can have an immediate effect of tranquility on your mind. And when you kick start the day with a fresh drive of motivation, you are sure to experience a sense of achievement by the end of the day. 

Here are some tips on chalking out an effortless yet disciplined routine for the day and stay thriving even by the end of a long day.

Morning Mantras:

Corporate honchos, spiritual gurus, in fact, most successful people have stressed enough on the pros of making your bed the first thing in the morning. Getting out the bed, taking a rushed shower, and grabbing breakfast on the go, will do little good to your senses. Instead, calm yourself after stepping out of the bed and take a few minutes to make your bed. Show some love to the brightly hued cotton bed sheets that you excitedly bought to lift your mood. Arrange the cushions and pillows neatly and take a moment to adore the impeccable design of their covers. An organized bed exudes positivity and gives you a sense of accomplishment. You are now ready to take on the entire day like a true Zen!

 Uncomplicate the Evenings:

The sight of an untidy, unorganized house is sure to end your day with a cluttered mind. Instead, inculcate a small habit of tidying up your house after dinner to make your coming morning, chaos-free. Keep those soothing bath towels neatly folded in the bathroom to make your morning showers hassle-free. Plan some of the elements of the coming day to avoid stress early in the morning. You might now want to dim the lights, draw the curtains, grab a comfortable quilt and curl up on the sofa with the family for a nice television show. A perfect idea for a beautiful evening!

 Snuggle and Storytime:

After all the hard work of the toiling, long day, it is time to snuggle up in the bed, bask in the comfort of your favorite bedding and read a story of animals and princes to your kids. After you have tucked them tight and put them to sleep, you must grab a book if you are a reader. Experts say, it is important for you to clear your mind before you go to sleep. Unwinding can be difficult, especially if you have had a stressful day. Switch off from the worries of the world, switch on the AC, grab your favorite quilt and let the comfort of nice bedding drift you to an uncomplicated world. Now, this kind of scenario is sure to help you sleep like a baby!

Discover your signature smell:

You can make your house smell good even if it doesn’t look as nice as you’d want. What’s our advice? Make a candle, incense, or air freshener with a scent you really like your space’s trademark scent—one you adore and will immediately identify with home.

Remove the clutter:

A lot of stuff is involved in modern life, and a lot of that stuff finds its way into your home. Of course, large things like bad layouts and unappealing wall colours can make you miserable in your house, but these big things might make you overlook how small things, like a lot of clutter, can pull your place down. You might be amazed at how much better you feel about your home after spending a few hours clearing things out, taking things to be donated, and possibly even making a junk drawer (or basket!).

Change your window coverings:

Window treatments, more than nearly any other decoration option, have a significant impact on how you view a space’s architecture. For a minimalist aesthetic, prefer shades that mount on the inside of a window, but there are tonnes of different possibilities depending on your style. Just make sure your window treatments aren’t an afterthought (and if you’re still using the same old vinyl blinds that came with the flat, consider replacing them or at the very least complementing them with curtains).

Hang some fresh art:

Nothing brightens a room like art. Even one or two things that you adore will go a long way toward brightening up your space. If you already have art on the walls, consider rearranging one or two pieces. A little change can be refreshing and help you “see” things you previously overlooked.

So, go ahead, seize your day by inculcating small and significant habits and you are sure to fall in love with the beauty of a good routine. Check out Urban Space to explore the collection that will make your routine perfect.