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Announce summer with these cool colors

Colourful icy popsicles, breathtaking sunsets, blooming flowers, cool breeze at the beach, citrusy fruits, - all these elements make our scorching hot summer dreamier. While catching hold of all of them in today’s era of more work and less play could not be possible, you can certainly bring the feel of beaches and flowers right inside your home. Make your house even more comfortable by announcing summer with a few refreshing changes this season. Go ahead, get creative, experiment with the hues of curtains, the textures of your beddings, throw a dash of colour in the room with a colourful, quirky mat, and voila! You and your house should be summer-ready. Ditch the soaring temperatures outside and let the colours of the summer take on the role of a tranquilizer after a long day at work. 


Here are some icy cool tips:  


Tango with Turquoise blue:

The color blue and all its shades bring a sense of calm and serenity. The color is reminiscent of the beaches and ocean waves, the feel of the cool breeze, and all things you would want to do to escape the horridness of summery weather. Imagine walking into a room with your bed adorned in an amazing bed sheet of turquoise blue with a complementing pillow set. The vivacious aura this hue lends to the room is sure to lift your spirits and make you forget all worldly worries. What’s more, you are certain to earn some brownie points, if the room in question is that of your teenaged kid. They are sure to fall in love with the effervescent energy the colour lends their room. So turquoise blue it is- a perfect, vibrant solution to defy the summer blues.


Mustard Yellow, a must-have:

The sight of dancing yellow curtains is enough to lend a sense of 'cool' to your senses. Unleash your creativity and beautify your home with curtains and bedding sets with shades of yellow. Mustard yellow, again, a must-have, and the flavor of the season will bring the feel of cheerfulness and originality to your room. Lighten up a dull room with a dash of mustard yellow and witness the kind of diversity it endows your house with. Get creative, mix and match the yellow with bits of white here and there, and there, you just got the inspiring summer indoors, right in your house.


Appeal with Ash Grey:

Ash Grey is the flavor of the season. You just won't get enough of Grey once you start exploring and experimenting with your originality with this hue. Make Ash Grey your best pal this season and watch the kind of difference it makes to the aesthetics of your abode. Especially, if you are someone who is not looking for anything overly bright and also wants to do away with only-whites, Ash Grey could be the answer to your hue-problem. If understated style coupled with sophisticated subtlety defines your taste, then Ash Grey will never leave you disappointed. Lend a modern, glamorous appeal to your house with Grey beddings- an ambient feel like that of an up-class hotel interior is a bonus.


Well then, sweat not; bring the inspirational and vibrant summers indoors with just a little change in the color of your beddings and curtains. Yes, it is actually that simple!!


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