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Why Choose Blackout Curtains For This Summer?

Why Choose Blackout Curtains For This Summer?

Summers are just about to knock at our doors, and in the scorching heat of the Indian summer season, buying blackout curtains is the smartest choice that you can make! It has some guaranteed benefits to offer over simple cotton curtains. While cotton & sheer curtains are a great option to choose during these times, it goes best to mix and match them up with beautiful and efficient room-darkening blackout curtains. Here are some of the reasons why blackout curtains are going to be your best pick this summer:


●     To block bright sunlight and excessive heat: Blackout curtains are also called room-darkening and sun-blocking curtains. These curtains are the perfect fit for you to avoid excess light from entering your room during the summer season. It helps avoid excessive heat from entering your interiors and keeps you protected from harmful UV rays. Moreover, you can get a cozy, comfortable, and cool room to yourself and chill indoors while the scorching sun is blazing its heat outdoors. 


Sunlight Blocking Curtains - Urban Space


●     To avoid traffic and other loud noises: Living in an all-time hustling city is tough. Every hour is an hour of peak traffic and loud noises. But with blackout curtains, you can keep yourself protected from all the unnecessary noises and have a calm and peaceful time indoors. It acts as a noise barrier and is thus perfect for both your home and work-from-home settings. 


Blackout Curtains - Urban Space


●     To protect your privacy: These are the best choice of curtains if you want privacy in your house but have constantly prying neighbors to look after you, especially during summers when they have all the free time in the world to look around. Blackout curtains are made of opaque fabrics that act as the perfect privacy shield for you to enjoy and relax. 


Blackout Curtains - Urban Space


●     To save energy & make a smart investment: Sun-blocking curtains block off the rays of the sun and thus control thermal loss. It is an effective way to substantially save on your energy bills and regulate the insulation of your home. Moreover, blackout curtains are worth the investment you make in buying them. Due to their densely woven fabric, these curtains are highly durable and offer a fabulous makeover to your interiors. 


●     To gain a better sleep experience: The environment that blackout curtains offer to your room by room-darkening and noise-blocking features promotes a better and enhanced sleeping experience. These curtains are the most suitable pick for people who have insomnia, disturbed sleep patterns, and overall anyone who loves a peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. 


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●     To protect interior furnishing: Blackout curtains are not only good for the people residing in a house but also great for the furnishing items that they own. Heavy and excessive sunlight entering your interiors could lead to the dulling of wall paints and fading of furniture, curtain fabrics, and carpets. Keeping these curtains closed throughout the peak sunlight period of the day could help save the cost of repainting and refurnishing. 


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●     To have hassle-free maintenance: Blackout curtains are low maintenance and do not require recurrent washing, bleaching, or ironing. You can just vacuum clean them at a regular time interval. While washing, they must be hand cleaned and dried. You must avoid cleaning them in washing machines. 


If you are wondering where to buy good quality blackout and room-darkening curtains for your summer decor, we have got you covered. Check out our entire collection of blackout curtains,  Shop Now!


Stay tuned for more on home decor and furnishing! 

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