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5 Rugs That Will Suit Your Room Like No Other

5 Rugs That Will Suit Your Room Like No Other

Rugs tie the room together. As simple as that. A room, when gifted with a rug is like gifting love-deprived person flowers. A rug is the perfect final touch that every decor needs!

Rugs have been a part of famous narratives and films for years. From Alladin to The Big Lebowski, the rug is a definitive plot point in these stories. 


I believe you will also relate to my opinion that we tend to get attached to our rugs very easily. Maybe it’s their feelings, maybe it’s their texture, maybe it’s just their intrinsic value in people’s minds. They tend to reside in people’s hearts. 


Urban Space offers such heartwarming rugs as well, one of which will perfectly blend into one of your rooms. Check them out below.


1) DR1005 Red-Blue

Just look at this classic rug! Something that appeals to your conventional senses. A blend of the hues of red and blue coming together to form a rug for the old-fashioned ones. A perfect contrast if your decor style is modern and a perfect blend if your decor style is conventional. What is stopping you from buying this already?

Urban Space - Aurora Modern Area Rugs & Carpet, DR1005 Red-Blue

2) DR1002 Blue

Geometry might not be your favorite subject in school but it would be after looking at this rug. Triangles are put together in such a fashion that it makes you wonder and admire the world of shapes. This is for someone with contemporary and elegant taste. Own your piece of this exceptional rug already!

Aurora Modern Area Rugs & comforters - DR1002, Blue

3) DR1004 Multi

What’s better than triangles? Bigger triangles. Now, if you like shapes but also like plain space, then this rug is just the right one for you. The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this rug was ‘meditation’. This rug motivates you to just sit and ponder. Think about the mysteries of this universe and come to conclusions that lead to more questions. The point is not whether the rug is ready for you, the point is whether you are ready for this rug?

Aurora Modern Area Rugs & Carpets - DR1004 Multi

4) DR1007 Multi

Man o man! Just look at this piece of beauty. It is so beautiful that I don’t even want to put it into a category. The design makes the artist in me go back to its cave. The flow, the vibrance, and the charm. As if somebody put their heart out there. So I guess all I can do is thank the artist behind this & own one of my own.

Aurora Modern Area Rugs, Carpet - DR1007 Multi

5) DR1003 Blue

Don’t like boundaries? Not a fan of definite shapes? Or rules? Then this rug is for you. Unpredictability is the foundation of this rug. It has got a certain depth to it which I feel can only be explained by its creator. We might look into it and decipher some meaning but all we would be doing is projecting ourselves on a simple, innocent rug. It is a rug that I can lie on for hours together. It can for sure add a modern elegant touch to your room! 


Aurora Modern Area Rugs, Carpet - DR1003 Blue


Final note- Be it any rug, what matters is how you see things and experience them. What you feel about a particular rug is more important than how I feel about it. Of course, its quality and all the other technical factors matter but we are here to take care of all those aspects. When you choose a rug, the bottom line is to choose it with your heart, not your head.



Head to www.urbanspacestore.in to shop your choice of the perfect rug!

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