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Covering all palettes: Know everything about table covers

Covering all palettes: Know everything about table covers

A beautiful dining experience can make the day. Spending a great time at the end of the day with your loved one, with shared bouts of laughter over stupid tales. Decorating a dining room most certainly has many components to it. From decor pieces to crockery there are many add-ons. But, a simple, vibrant table cover really sets the foundation for it. 

The purpose of a table cloth or table cover is to protect the surface from any spills and scratches and is an ornamental piece. There are table covers with features like heat protectant, anti-skid, and more.


The table cover is commonly made of cotton, polyester, or poly-coated material which makes it easy to wipe it clean. It also can be made with delicate materials like silk and satin but they largely remain for ornamental purposes. The after-care for such products is also extensive and has to be handled delicately.

Cotton Table Covers

Cotton table covers are the most popular choice for any household. There is a plethora of options in the prints available. The categories of prints are aplenty like ikats, stripes, ethnic motifs, and geometric prints. In any of such prints, it is the color used that matters the most. The quality of the dye directly affects the fade resistance, the color leakage, and also the vibrancy of the design itself.

Pure cotton is a versatile material with a high absorption power. This automatically makes it a durable choice that is widely considered among Indian households. 

Polyester Table Covers

Polyester table covers rarely come in solids. Most of them are printed so as to camouflage the rougher and shinier texture of the cloth. Polyester table covers are the easiest to maintain as you only have to wash them and hang them out to dry.

Linen Table Covers:

If you are looking for an elegant option for your dinner gathering, linen table covers are a no-brainer. Without a doubt, linen is a gorgeous, rich fabric that will add a touch of refinement to your table, but linen does need upkeep to keep it looking its best. You must wash it in cold water using a delicate cycle, and then you must iron the tablecloth on high heat while it is still a little damp.


The following tips will remain the same regardless of the shape of the table. Some decor ideas do look better on either but who’s to stop you from experimenting in your space?

  1. Choosing your centerpieces: Fresh flowers and fruits are very pleasing to the eye and they are a classic choice when it comes to table decor. Nothing can ever beat a curated flower arrangement. But certain pieces can definitely elevate the look. The market has an array of candles and candle holders that can complement your theme. Gold or silver plated candle holders are a great way to play the height. The charm of a candle-lit dinner doesn’t have to be explained anyways.

Grey and yellow printed boho table cover
  1. Matching the coasters: Printed or plain, the table covers you choose to have a color palette to them. For the coasters, you can pick a major or a minor color and match your coaster in a different texture. Many also look at jute as a complementary material that sits well in most styles.
  2. Statement Crockery and Cutlery: From small brands to pioneers, the catalog for beautiful crockery is endless. You can look for similar prints, and colors or keep it chic will the classics like ceramic. For cutlery, pay attention to the detail. Often the handles have small details that really set them apart. If you are looking for an evergreen option, might we suggest gold, silver, or copper cutlery that has a circular handle?
  3. Table Runners: Your centerpieces deserve more appreciation and a table runner will do the trick. It also is useful to keep the dishes and provide heat protection for the table. Table runners are also useful for managing the spill immediately near the dish, making it easier for you to clean.

If you are looking to change or elevate your dining space, styling your dining table with a good table cover is a great way to start. This was everything you’d need to get started. Here are some links that can help you find inspiration for table decor.

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