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4 Steps to Creating the Perfect Bohemian Corner

4 Steps to Creating the Perfect Bohemian Corner

The need to have a space that reflects who you are and provides you with the comfort to be yourself is a need. A corner where you let yourself be free and discover new interests or just enjoy the peace within. If what you just read resonated with you, then we are pleased to let you know that a corner set-up in a bohemian aesthetic is what you have been looking for all this time. 

Bohemian design and decor have always been known to capture an individual’s spirit and nature in its truest essence, because of the blank canvas it presents to you. As the artist of space- you have all the liberty to add pieces that speak to you in a certain way.

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Here’s a detailed guide to help you with creating a balanced bohemian inspired space:


Prints in contrasting or monochromatic shades are an integral part of the boho aesthetic. Starting with curtains, you could look into some interesting options in boho prints. Bohemian curtains usually have flowing prints with various elements that impression the nature that surrounds us. From almost geometric patterns to random yet beautifully placed elements of nature- this range has it all.

There are two kinds of prints – Minimalistic or heavily printed ones. Even though the placement of prints differs, the mood they set is definite. The material for the curtains also plays a vital role in this. Most of the curtains which fall under the bohemian style are made of cotton. Many a time there are elements added to the edges of it like pom-poms and ruffled. Crape curtains are also an interesting choice however, they will be tougher to maintain when compared to cotton or linen. 

  • CHOOSING THE RIGHT CARPET: Tying the floor with the drapes gives you the feel of having a larger area- you could do this by coordinating the color palette or the nature of the print. Take for example our black and white printed Bohemian curtains. You could go for a cream, nude or black carpet which complements each other. 

If you choose the darker base color, the space will end up looking small naturally- be sure to choose the colors for your carpet wisely

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  • SEATING ARRANGEMENT: Getting to the seating arrangement- comfort is primary here. The kind of space you need will answer this question of yours. The options vary from a comfy reading chair you’d like to sink into or a semi-floor-seating space where you’d like to stretch out before you start your day. 

In case of a floor seating situation, you do have to think about the cover like a bedsheet or a floor cushion cover. Taking a shade similar to the base color or a nude color can definitely help you with diverting attention to other pieces. There aren’t any fixed rules so choosing prints here can also work if it’s balanced properly.

  • ACCESSORIZE YOUR CORNER: For the final touches of the space, we suggest adding pieces close to your heart that reflect a part of you, along with some comfy throw cushion. One can never get enough of them anyways! For the cushions, consider the material- you could go for an entirely plain soft cushion cover or, you could experiment with macrame cushion covers. While playing with patterns, you can look at fabrics from around you like Ikat or tie-and-dye pieces.

Colors in Bohemian Design

When it comes to creating a bohemian-style space there aren’t really any rules that one has to stick with. However, the common pattern that we notice is earthy and subtle tones is where the journey begins. The base colors are warm earthy tones usually including shades of dirty cream, rust orange, and browns. 

Accent colors is another ballgame altogether. From metallics and rich tones to brighter and lighter tones of pink, aqua blue, and sea green. These constitute most of the popular choices. Accent colors can be added in various ways. Trinkets and small decor pieces like frames and signage are a good way to start. You could also look into cushions with subtle embroidery and multicolor woven fabric.

If you find the colors and prints to be overwhelming, you can use white as the background. Create negative spaces between objects to drown the effect of the color of print in your home decor.

As we said earlier, it’s your expression that matters, so make sure you look for options aplenty before shortlisting the ones that speak to your soul. Isn’t that what Bohemian design is all about?

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