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Bedside Runner

Anti Skid Bedside Runner | Easy maintenance | 2ft x 5ft size | Secured Borders

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3D Digital Printed Carpet, Bed Runner with Anti Slip Backing - DR1029

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a bedside runner?

    A bedside runner is a long and narrow rug or mat that is specifically designed to be placed alongside the bed. It is placed on the floor, extending from the foot of the bed to the opposite side or partially under the bed. The primary purpose of a bedside runner is to add style, comfort, and functionality to the bedroom.

    What sizes are available for bedside runners?

    Bedside runners come in various sizes to accommodate different bed configurations and bedroom layouts. While specific sizes can vary among manufacturers and retailers, Urban Space provides runners of 2ft X 5ft size.

    What materials are used in Urban Space bedside runners?

    We offer quality bedside runners made of nylon and rubber backing for anti-skid. Each piece has a secured edge binding for long life. 

    How do I care for my bedside runner?

    Bedside runners by Urban Space are made up of material that is durable and easy to maintain. Our runners need regular vacuuming and dry cleaning to maintain their long life and shine.

    Can I use Urban Space bedside runners in other areas of the home?

    Yes, our runners can be used as kitchen runners, living room carpets, dining room rugs, etc. You can check our range for more details and size options. 

    Can I return or exchange my Urban Space bedside runner?

    We accept returns & exchanges without any questions or conditions., within 7 days of order delivery. The product has to be unused and in original packaging.

    Process flow:

    1) You can file for exchange/return online by visiting the exchange & return section on the website.

    2) Products are picked from your doorstep and subsequently exchange/refund is processed.

    3) There is a small convenience fee involved to support huge logistics costs in picking the products from your doorstep. Rs. 50 to Rs.75/- per quantity

    4) The process can take 5 to 10 days.