Best Ways of Styling Rugs & Runners This Summer

Best Ways of Styling Rugs & Runners This Summer

Runners and rugs are an essential part of decor that immediately add a lively, vibrant, & colourful feel to the interiors, along with an overall edgy character & look. With the perfect size & style of runners/rugs, you can accentuate the entire look of your personal space.

While every home can be made to look much better & beautiful with rugs & runners, they are not limited to being styled in hallways only. If you are wondering about different ways to style rugs & runners, here we have some of the best places & styles for you to explore & make your interior decor more appealing!

Rugs in Hallways & Entryways

The hallway or entryway in your house is the most popular & commonplace area for styling rugs and runners. Hallways offer a transition from one space to another in the house & hence are most traveled on. Moreover, rugs on entryways are perfect for both functionality & styling. It is an impressive way to welcome guests by adding a charm to their senses at just the first sight of your decor. You can find several rugs online for the hallways of your house.

Rugs in Kitchen

Yes, you read it right! Your kitchen is not only efficient but can also prove to be an elegant space for your house. Kitchen runners and rugs are your go-to items for setting up an alluring kitchen decor. Based on the decor & design of your kitchen, you can pick out the best rugs and runners online in either colourful or neutral varieties. Get the perfect rug size & shape as per your requirement & place it between your kitchen cabinets, and you will be able to both protect & elegantly decorate your flooring for an extended period.

Rugs in Bathroom

Though the bathroom is a space that guests and outsiders rarely see, it is your personal cozy space to relax & rejuvenate. So why treat it any lesser than the other rooms, right? Give it all your attention & add a touch of your personal style with cozy & warm rugs/runners. They are a piece of decor that would add to your bathroom’s functionality and exhibit a feeling of elegance, style, & coziness. Styling rugs in the bathroom can be a way to accessorize the bathroom floor, which is usually made of ceramic, and avoid its wear & tear in the long run. You can place your stylish rugs & runners under the sink or near the bathtub to add a feel of pleasant luxury.

Rugs in Bedroom

Your bedroom is the epitome of your representation. It is your kingdom wherein you can feel the utmost relaxation and comfort. Add a touch of style that matches your taste and complements the room decor with elegant & cozy bedside runners & rugs. They would be the perfect cozy landing for your feet first thing in the morning every day, and you will love it! You can also find long & narrow runners for bedroom online that can be used to style your bedroom decor by placing them on both sides of your bed.

Aren’t these ideas lovely for home styling with rugs & runners this summer? Urban Space offers a wide range of beautiful home decor items that would be perfect for your beautiful home. Explore our range of rugs and runners to shop now!