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Do you have winning product ?

Do you have a product which you think people will love to have? Do you have product which can enhance the lifestyle of a customer ? Are you confident of the quality of your product ? 

Well, if answer to the above questions is yes, we welcome you to collaborate with us. Make use of URBAN SPACE brand name and sell your products to millions of Indians. URBAN SPACE brand is customer's favorite when it comes to home furnishing products and most of them are our loyal patrons who keep coming back to our website for purchases. We have a winning product - price - quality benchmark which ensures that customers are always able to find the perfect product for themselves. Thousands of positive reviews proves this.


URBAN SPACE is an online brand from a 40 year old manufacturer which has specialized marketing tools to reach to the right customer. Our sales and conversion funnels are strong enough to give good growth to the brand month on month and today we ship more than 1000 orders per day. By collaborating with URBAN SPACE you can make your product reach to millions in short time. 


Who are invited?

Below entities involved in manufacturing any product which can be used by our customers in decorating their  beautiful homes are invited.

  • Individual artists making hand crafted products
  • Small companies involved in quality product manufacturing 
  • Self help groups or NGO's 
  • Big Companies having winning product but no ecommerce presence
  • Foreign companies looking to enter Indian ecommerce space
  • Exporters who want regular buyer for their stock lots


How to reach us?

Instagram - Connect with us on IG

Email - Email your profile/idea on