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Colors of Life, Colours of Urban Space

Colors of Life, Colours of Urban Space

Colors communicate colors to express, colors convey moods & feelings, colors set the vibe. Different shades, tones, and hues of diverse colors arranged strategically make the perfect & intended impact. As much as colors are an integral part of our everyday lives, they are also a significant part of home decor.



We completely believe in the power and importance of colors in making or breaking a space. Colors profoundly influence any space and the people occupying the space. This is why we have revamped our brand logo to make it colorful!


Our new logo significantly symbolizes the Colours of Urban Space. We are an accessible, friendly, youthful, modern, and luxurious brand. By adding colors to our brand logo, we intend to communicate the multifaceted identity that Urban Space holds. Adding more colors adds a personal & more authentic touch to our brand identity as we would like it to be portrayed.



More than anything else, we are a brand that offers over 800 original product varieties to our customers and hence we went ahead & expressed ourselves a little more & a little differently! This is how we were led to our all-new logo which is a mix of dark blue, red, yellow, and sky blue colors. These colors signify the essence of our brand, i.e., affordable luxury, vibrant, lively, personal, youthful, and beautiful. We stand by the line “Everyone Deserves a Beautiful Home,” and a colorful home is never a dull home!



With our brand new logo, we pave the way for our customers to be their selves & portray their uniqueness through the colors they choose. Happy shopping & keep celebrating the colors of life with the Colours of Urban Space!

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