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Planning to buy a carpet online to enhance the beauty of your hall or room? It adds an attractive appearance and a warm, soft feel while reducing noise. Proper maintenance programs should be considered part of the carpet buying decision as the life of your carpet depends on the care it receives.

Carpets come with a set of dos and don’ts. Both the beauty and durability of most fabrics depend on their cleanliness. Cleaning your carpet properly is simpler than you think. It will make it look great for its full lifetime, help improve your indoor air quality and keep your carpet warranties intact.

If you notice that your carpets don’t look clean and fresh, the following tips should help you
maintain your carpets and rugs:
Vacuum Regularly

Your vacuum is the best defense against an early retirement for your carpet. Maintaining a routine vacuum schedule helps in keeping a good indoor air quality by removing the buildup of
dust and dirt. Do this once or twice a week. Routine vacuuming removes 90% of all dry soil. Vacuuming should be done in the direction of the pile. Run your hand along the carpet to feel the direction of the pile. If the pile feels nice and smooth, it is in the direction of the pile. If it feels rough and rises; this is against the direction of the pile. For complete cleaning be sure movements are slow and methodical when vacuuming.
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Minimize Direct Sunlight
UV rays from sunlight can age carpet and can fade colors, so shut blinds or drapes before leaving for the day. Be sure to do this if you have dark-colored carpets since dark colors show a prominent difference. 
Avoid wearing shoes on the carpet
Consider a “no shoes” policy in your home. Dirt that gets in from outdoors is a major source of soiling for carpets. Shoes can drag in all sorts of nasty things, so place a mat at the door to hold them. Buying some slippers that can only be worn in the house can help in keeping the carpet outside dust-free.
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Rotate the carpet every few months
A carpet should be rotated upside down every few months. This is done to prevent the carpet from losing its color in the same area and prevent it from being worn out in the same spot if it is exposed to direct sunlight.
Following are a few Do’s and Don’ts in case we missed some points above:

• Take immediate action to avoid permanent staining.
• Use a clean white cloth and work from the outer edge towards the center of the spill to prevent spreading. 
• Remove excess moisture using absorbent cloths, towels, etc, and protect the cleaned area until the carpet is completely dry.

• Rub or agitate vigorously as this could distort or damage the pile and create lighter patches on the floor covering. 
• Over wet the carpet.

For more tips & guidance on decor ideas, cleaning & caring of decor items, stay tuned!

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