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Are you planning to buy a carpet online to enhance the beauty of your living room? It adds a dash of texture and makes the place look sharper all while cooling the room. Proper maintenance should be considered an important aspect in the process of buying carpets, as the lifespan of your carpet depends on the quality of the care it receives.

Best carpets come with a set of dos and don’ts. Both the beauty and durability of most carpet fabrics depend on their cleanliness. Cleaning your soft carpet properly is simpler than you think. It will make the carpet look great for its entire lifetime, help improve your indoor air quality and keep your carpet warranties intact.

If you notice that your velvet carpets don’t look clean and fresh, the following tips should help you maintain them:


Vacuum Regularly

Your vacuum is the best defence against an early retirement for your carpet. Maintaining a routine vacuum schedule helps in keeping good indoor air quality by removing the buildup of dust and dirt. Vacuuming once or twice a week is ideal. Routine vacuuming removes 90% of all dry soil. Vacuuming carpet should be done in the direction of the pile. To identify this, run your hand along the carpet to feel the direction of the pile. If the pile feels nice and smooth, you’ve got it. For complete cleaning of carpet, be sure of slow and methodical movements when vacuuming.

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Minimize Direct Sunlight

UV rays from sunlight can age carpet in the living room and can fade colours, so shut blinds or drapes before leaving for the day. Be sure to do this if you have dark-coloured carpets since dark colors show a prominent difference in the decrease of colour saturation.

Avoid wearing shoes on the carpet

Consider a “no shoes” policy in your home. Dirt that gets in from outdoors is a major source of dirt and soiling on your carpets. Shoes can drag in all sorts of nasty things, so place a mat at the door to hold them. Buying a pair of slippers that can only be worn in the house can help to keep the carpet dust-free.

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Rotate the carpet every few months

Rotate the carpet upside down every few months to clean the dust and dirt under the carpet. When we say “rotate the carpet”, we mean roll it to check its other side along with the floor beneath it. By doing this, you are also preventing it from losing its colour and from wearing out. Constant exposure to sunlight in the same area can lead to the fading of its colour. Even if you buy fade-resistant carpets, it is advisable to keep it away from direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time.

Use Stain-Resistant Materials

Protectants aid in the prevention of dirt and moisture from penetrating deeper into your carpet. They can also help to prevent fading caused by prolonged sun exposure. Using high quality stain-resistant carpets would help in long-term usage of the carpets at lower maintenance.

If you want to save money on carpet maintenance, trust us when we say that stain-resistant products are one of the first and most important lines of defence and a lifesaver! You'll thank us later!

Indoor Air Quality Is Crucial

Air quality and environmental circumstances can have various effects on indoor carpets. If you live in a dry region, for example, high quantities of pollen, dust, and grime can wreak havoc on your carpet fibres. Installing a good quality air conditioning or having extraction fans that help keep the air cleaner will help control this.

On the other hand, if you reside in a region with high humidity levels, installing dehumidifiers to eliminate moisture will help prevent the growth of mold and drastically reduce carpet wear and tear.

Avoid Eating in Carpeted Areas

Yes, there is something quite relaxing about folding your legs on your couch and eating meals while watching television. Not only is this bad for your health, but it's also awful for your carpet. In other words, it's a formula for carpet stains and a disaster in terms of upkeep!

You won't risk spilling if you don't eat or drink in carpeted rooms. Cook in your kitchen and eat in your dining room. Remember, it only takes one spill to cause a horrible greasy stain on your beautiful carpet, which, if not treated properly, can last a lifetime! It is advisable to even be cautious with stain-free carpets because precaution is always better than cure!

Consider Buying Carpet Pads and Cushions

When it comes to carpet maintenance, it's a good idea to start thinking about longevity as soon as you choose the right carpet. There are a variety of carpet cushions and pads available these days that will not only enhance comfort but will also assist in extending the life of your carpet flooring. Carpet pads and cushions preserve your carpeting binding, allowing it to efficiently absorb the wear and tear over time. Pads can also improve airflow and suction pressure, making vacuuming more efficient. Next time you want to buy carpets online, do not forget to look for carpet pads and cushions too!

Maintain Clean Carpeted Rooms

It may appear to be unnecessarily simplistic, but making a tiny effort to keep dirty items away from your carpeting can assist. Doing little changes like taking your shoes off, can add up to the carpet flooring upkeep. To keep carpet clean, you must keep the room surrounding it clean. Keep dirt-carrying shoes off your carpet flooring to protect it. Additionally, keeping food and other debris-carrying things out of carpeted areas makes a better impact. If dirt and debris are unavoidable in your carpeted rooms, a multilayer area carpet can be used to safeguard your flooring installation investment.

Following are a few Do’s and Don’ts in case we missed some points above:


  • Take immediate action to avoid permanent staining of carpets.
  • Use a clean white cloth and work from the outer edge towards the centre of the spill to prevent spreading and clean stains from carpet.
  • Remove excess moisture using absorbent cloths, towels, etc., and protect the cleaned area until the carpet is completely dry.


  • Rub or agitate vigorously while cleaning carpet because this could distort or damage the pile and create lighter patches on the floor covering.
  • Over wet the carpet.

For more tips & guidance on decor ideas, cleaning & caring for decor items, stay tuned!

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